A walk around the Marais (4eme)

  1. Take the Pink métro line 4 to Cité.
  2. Exit the station to the north, to Quai de la Corse
  3. Turn right and follow the river to Pont Saint-Louis
  4. Cross the river on Pont Saint-Louis, there should be buskers and entertainers on the bridge, when you reach L’Isle Saint-Louis you will be in the 4eme, the nicest district on the Rive droite (right side of the river).
  5. Go down the steps on the left hand side and follow the river to Place Louis Aragon at the end of the island, it is usually sunny here and the view is lovely. Then retrace your steps back to Pont Saint-Louis
  6. Cross the road into Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, this is one of the nicest streets in Paris with lovely shops on both sides. Look out for Berthillon ice cream which is the best in Paris – there are at least six outlets on L’Isle Saint-Louis.
  7. Turn left into Rue des Deux Ponts, and pause to look at the view before crossing Pont Marie.
  8. Turn right into Rue de l’Hôtel de ville and pause at the junction with Rue de l’Ave Maria. Look carefully at l’Hôtel de Sens and you will see a cannon ball stuck in the wall, fired during an insurrection against the Bourbon
  9. Turn right into Rue de l’Ave Maria
  10. Turn left into Rue Saint-Paul, this has lovely art galleries and interesting courtyards
  11. Turn right into Rue Saint-Antoine
  12. Cross the road at the crossing in front of Temple du Marais
  13. Cross the little square into Rue des Tournelles
  14. Turn right into Rue de la Bastille and on the left you will see La Brasserie Bofinger, one of the best restaurants in Paris. Go in and ask to see the cupola – a beautiful glass roof.
  15. At the end of the road pause to look at Place de la Bastille (I once cycled around it!) before turning left into Boulevard Beaumarchais.
  16. Turn left into Rue du Pas de la Mule, which has lovely jewellery shops.
  17. Pause when you reach Place des Vosges, the nicest square in Paris. Allow time to explore all four sides and also to sit and rest in the middle.
  18. Continue along Rue des Francs Bourgeois, you may wish to detour to Carnavalet Museum on the right and Rosiers-Joseph Migneret Garden on the left. You will pass through the Jewish district then into the gay district
  19. Turn left into Rue des Archives
  20. Cross Rue de Rivoli and turn right.
  21. Pause to look at Saint-Jacques Tower before turning left to cross Place de l’Hôtel de ville
  22. Cross the river on Pont d’Arcole
  23. Turn right onto Quai de la Corse and explore Marché aux fleurs – Reine Elisabeth II before returning to Cité métro

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