A walk around the Latin Quarter (5eme)

This walk is through such a beautiful part of Paris that on a sunny evening I would get off the train one stop early and quite literally walk the long way home!

  1. Take the Blue line RER B to Luxembourg
  2. Exit the station from the north, i.e. the rear of the train if travelling southbound
  3. Turn left after the ticket barrier and take the unmarked escalator to the left of the stairs.
  4. This exits onto Boulevard St Michel, you will see the Jardin de Luxembourg on your left
  5. Turn hard right into Rue Gay Lussac
  6. Turn left into Rue Le Goff
  7. Turn right into Rue Malebranche
  8. Cross Rue St Jacques into Rue De Fosse St Jacques
  9. Pause to look at the lovely Place de l’Estrapade
  10. Then turn left into Rue Clotaire
  11. Tourist information is in the Town Hall on the left at the end of this road.
  12. Cross Place de Pantheon and pause in front of the Pantheon, looking left to see the Eiffel Tower framed at the bottom of Rue Soufflot
  13. Turn right, continuing around Place de Pantheon with the Pantheon on your right
  14. Pause at the junction with Rue Vallette to see Notre Dame framed at the bottom of Rue Vallette
  15. Enter the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont in Place Sainte-Geneviève, to see the only “Jube” in Paris and the coffin of Sainte-Geneviève.
  16. Turn right when exiting the church to see The Bombardier, the best English pub in Paris.
  17. Turn right into Rue Saint-Étienne-du-Mont and sit on the steps looking down Rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève. This is the famous scene from “Midnight in Paris”, and my 3rd most favourite place in Paris.
  18. Continue to the end of Rue Saint-Étienne-du-Mont then turn right into Rue Descartes
  19. Cross Rue Thouin into Rue Mouffetard and continue into Place de la Contrescarpe, which is my 2nd favourite place in Paris.
  20. Stop for lunch wherever you can find a free table but Café Delmas is best and their cheese and charcuterie platter is enough for two to share
  21. Exit Place de la Contrescarpe down Rue du Cardinal Lemoine
  22. Pause to see Hemingway’s House on the left
  23. Pause at the junction of Rue Clovis to see a section of the old wall of Paris on the left
  24. As you cross Rue Monge, look left to see the spire of Eglise St-Severin
  25. Take care crossing Rue D’Ecole, Rue du Cardinal Lemoine continues to the right of the Post office, which was home to M Braille.
  26. At the junction of Boulevard Saint-Germain, turn right and cross Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard to l’Institut du Monde Arabe.
  27. Enter the building, go through security and take the lift to the top floor
  28. Turn left towards the Lebanese Restaurant then use the glass doors on the left to exit onto the free viewing gallery with some of the best views of Paris!
  29. Exit l’Institut du Monde Arabe, cross Boulevard Saint-Germain, turn left into Quai de la Tournelle
  30. Cross Rue du Cardinal Lemoine and enter the shop on the left, “Les Comptoirs de la Tour d’Argent”, this sells the best French produce at very reasonable prices and it is all beautifully wrapped and placed in good quality bags.
  31. Cross Quai de la Tournelle to the left of Pont de la Tournelle and take the steps down to the riverside
  32. Walk along the river until you can see Hotel de Ville behind Pont Saint-Louis, and sit down with your legs dangling over the river. This is my most favourite place in Paris!
  33. Continue along the river side, taking the last set of steps up to the road before reaching Pont au Double
  34. Cross Quai de Montebello and enter Square René Viviani, see the glass memorial to the Jewish infants deported by the Nazis, the oldest tree in Paris and the lovely Paroisse Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre
  35. Exit Square René Viviani into Rue de la Bûcherie to see Shakespeare & Company, the book shop featured in Midnight in Paris
  36. Cross Rue du Petit Pont into Rue de la Huchette
  37. There is a lift giving access to RER B on the right in Rue Xavier Privas, alternatively continue to the end of Rue de la Huchette for Métro line 4 (the Pink one) in Place Saint-Michel

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