La poésie est dans la rue (Poetry is in the street)

There is an amazing little alley in St. Michel called Rue du Chat qui Pêche. The name originates from a story about an alchemist who lived on this street with his black cat, a gifted fisher. Convinced that both the alchemist and the cat were the one and same, three local students killed the cat and threw it into the Seine. The alchemist disappeared – only to reappear later, like a traveller coming back from a lengthy trip, as did the cat, continuing to fish on the river bank! Built in 1540, this street is only 1.8 meters wide and is often wrongly described as the narrowest street in Paris.

paris-2009-390Rue du Chat qui Pêche

tumblr_o61z9nmr1p1qcp8t5o1_1280Rue du Chat qui Pêche

The narrowest street in Paris is actually Sentier des Merisiers in the 12eme. Less than one meter wide in places, this fascinating passageway is lined with pretty half-timbered houses.

sentier_des_merisiers1Sentier des Merisiers

But the poetry in the streets of Paris derives not from their names or width but from their shear beauty, look at the photos below to see what I mean:

1-place-dabbe-de-bassettsPlace D’Abbe de Bassetts 

1-rue-de-la-montagne-sainte-genevieveRue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève  

cour-damoye-place-de-la-bastilleCour Damoye, Place De La Bastille  

rue-saint-julien-le-pauvreRue Saint Julien le Pauvre 

11-cours-du-commerce-saint-andreCours du Commerce Saint-André  

rue-galanteRue Galante  

2-rue-mouffetardRue Mouffetard

rue-de-bievreRue de Bièvre


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