Parisian Art

I love this watercolour of Notre Dame in winter, and managed to get the same shot as a photo. I’ve walked from Notre Dame down to Pont Neuf in those conditions and the pictures don’t depict how the cold wind cuts right through your coat no matter how thick!



Here’s a much warmer one, showing Square Barye at the eastern end of Ile Saint-Louis, viewed from  Quai Saint-Bernard. Again, I have a photo of the same view. It looks lovely but is actually very disappointing – the view from Square Barye eastwards is completely uninteresting and the end of eastern end of Ile Saint-Louis stinks like a urinoir.



If we define art as “the expression of creative skill  in a form that can be appreciated for its beauty and emotional power”, then all of the following are also art, even though I don’t have matching paintings:

The following are winter (taken 04.01.14) and summer shots of a little restaurant called Au Vieux Paris dArcole, at  24 Rue Chanoinesse tucked away in the lanes to the north of Notre Dame:



I’m particularly impressed with these three shots from Pont de la Tournelle looking west towards Notre Dame:



CC BY-NC-ND Bruno Monginoux

This one is taken from Quai de la Tournelle looking east towards Pont de la Tournelle, just before sunset when the summer evening sun light is at its best:


The  Place Monge fontaine didn’t always look this good:


In my opinion, the 19th century iron bridges over  Canal Saint-Martin definitely count as art:



As does much of the Paris Metro, both above and below ground, particularly the station called ” Arts & Metiers”, designed to look like the inside of one of Jules Verne’s submarines!


Marché aux Fleurs Reine Elizabeth II


But it’s not all good news, the redundant market at Les Halles could have been Paris’ Covent Garden, instead they demolished it and replaced it with a ghastly ’70s shopping centre, just look at what they lost:



It was after I left Paris, but I love this celebration of the Accord de Paris Climate Change Treaty which came into effect on 4th  November 2016:


Does formatting your photos in monochrome make them into art? Not necessarily, but the last two are hanging on my bedroom wall, the ultimate definition of art!





But art can be ambiguous, the meaning can change according to context and can mean different things to different viewers. The next photo  has obvious symbolism to unsophisticated Anglo-Saxon eyes, but I took it in the grounds of the Collège des Bernardins, 20 Rue de Poissy, 75005 where they train Catholic priests, so it presumably also has a deeper theological symbolism beyond our comprehension? So I conclude my views on art (a subject of which I profess very little expertise) with a warning of the dangers of the faux ami, words that seem to mean one thing but actually mean another. The last photo shows a gloriously over the top, overly extravagant art nouveau entrance. Apparently the architect just wanted a door knob!




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